Technical information and Application Guides
  • BLOCK Sine Wave Filter
    Efficiency optimisation of the drive system. Reduction of differential mode and common mode interference at the inverter drive output
  • BLOCK Switch Mode Power Supplies
    General technical information, PowerVision SMPS, electronic circuit breakers, redundancy modules, capacitive buffer modules, UPS, safety compliance,
  • BLOCK LED drivers
    Designed for LED lights in outdoor areas and exposed locations where highest reliability and durability against transient overvoltage and harsh environment are a must.
  • BLOCK Reactors and Passive Filters
    General technical information, reactors and passive filters for frequency inverter drives, reactive current compensation, safety compliance
  • BLOCK EasyB Circuit Breaker System
    Modular 24V circuit breaker system with control and monitoring. Protect each individual load to maintain control voltage availability. Ready for Industry 4.0/IoT
  • BLOCK Accredited EMC Lab
    Technical capabilities of BLOCK's R&D facilities include interference, thermal, shock & vibration testing
  • BLOCK Transformers
    Low voltage lightning, medical applications, partial discharge measurements, interference protection, safety compliance
  • BLOCK Liquid Cooling
    Liquid cooled technology / Fluid cooling variants / Cooling fluids
  • BLOCK Railway Technology
    Standard and custom Inductive components for railway technology

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